CI Inspectors.comC.I. Inspectors – A School for Florida Home inspectors along with the Contractors Institute, provide the 120 hour Florida required courses, offer the state Home Inspectors exam and also teach Continuing Education for all Florida Home Inspection Professionals. Here is the Florida Home Inspection page for the state of Florida
CI inspectors is a Florida Home Inspection school, owned and operated by Floridians, who are home inspectors, and who teach the inspector classes. We’re not going to teach a generic course and teaches the same course for nationwide Inspections. Florida is unique with our laws, wind, and building Code. Florida has some of the toughest building codes in the United States. The CI Instructors are also Florida Certified Contractors so we can discuss the codes as well.

Home Inspectors 120 hour Couse is NOW $995 – for 2017

These are in an organized method to keep it simple:

 Decide that you want a career in Home Inspection Services (It’s a professional license)

Join the school and start the 120-hour course. For one price we provide the 120 course and all the books that are needed for the examination.

 Once finished with the 120-hour class, you can Take You State Exam with the  ACICP (Association of Construction Industry Certified Professionals )! and get FREE membership for 1 year!

We have it all laid out so that the process is that easy! A Florida Home Inspectors course designed by Florida Home Inspectors.

We also look forward to getting together for our 14 hours of continuing education every 2 years. We offer classes online, webinars, and live classroom seminars to offer.

There is so much construction going on in our state and with more realtors and banks asking for a professional home inspection to be done that the market is continuously growing.

C.I. Inspectors – A School for Florida Home inspectors

C.I. Inspectors - A School for Florida Home inspectorsRemember we can perform the FULL 8 point inspection which is the structure, electrical system, plumbing system, roof coverings, interior components, exterior components, and site conditions that affect the structure. We also provide, wind mitigation, 4 point inspections, roof conditions report, pre-purchase inspections, pre-listing, warranty, investors properties, Roofs, pools, and much more types of inspections. Go here for F.S. 468 Part XV

As always we Thank You from C.I. Inspectors – A School for Florida Home inspectors