Do I need to be a member of a Florida Home Inspectors organization?

An answer for Florida home inspectors, is ABSOLUTELY NOT!  There is no rule or regulation, in Florida, that requires a Florida Licensed Home Inspector belong to any organization. By doing the 120 hour course and passing your state proctored examination is all that is required. (and or course $300,000 of liability Ins.)

So, don’t believe anyone that tells you that you need to pay them to join their group, It’s a scam. You don’t need to get ONLY their Continuing Education at an inflated price.

I’m by no means saying that there are not an organization out there that are beneficial to Inspectors because they do continuing educating the industry.

Join us at the ACICP!

Florida home inspectors are in High demand.

More than 85% of home sold in Florida have an inspection done by a Florida home inspectors.

Money Magazine ranks the home inspection profession among “America’s 50 Hottest Jobs.” Entrepreneur Magazine calls home inspection “one of the best opportunities.”

Demand for well-trained Home Inspectors is strong nationwide. Whether your market is a Buyers market of a Sellers Market, the demand for home inspectors is strong. Sales of existing homes continue to be brisk. Municipalities and insurance companies increasingly require homebuyers to obtain a professional home inspection. Realtors advise their clients to contact a Home Inspector, often making the offer to purchase contingent on a satisfactory inspection report. The Home Inspection profession needs more trained inspectors. And the average price for an inspection is $300!

If you have good people skills, an interest in homes and an eye for detail, you could have a bright future as a professional home inspector.