A Home from Cigarette Smokers – Not so pleasant


Cigarette smoke residue can take years and years to leech out of walls, carpeting, A/C system, and air conditioning ducts — if it ever comes out. You might think your nose, that Ol’ stink-o-meter would know right away that a smoker has been at work leaving that smell all over your soon-to-be home, but that may not be true. If you smell┬áthe strong smell of Febreze, ammonia, bleach or even fresh baking cookies (sneaky) can disguise the wicked stench. UNTIL, One humid afternoon soon after the sale, the rank aroma of spent cigarettes could start oozing toward your unsuspecting family nostrils. Be proactive and beat the butts, you may never fully be rid of the odor. Make sure you’re buying a non-smoking home.