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Florida Blower door trainingMandatory Florida Blower Door Testing is required by Florida’s new 5th edition Energy Code beginning JULY 1, 2017!! Building Officials will require written certification for each new home quantifying the homes’ air changes per hour. The Contractors Institute has created a state-of-the-art training and certification for Florida blower door technicians all for one low tuition price! Get your Blower Door Training

HANDS-ON specialized training & continuing education are NOW available in our CI Certified CI-BDT (blower door training) course. This program has been developed for licensed Mechanical & Air-Conditioning contractors and their employees who already have hands-on field experience with related air balancing and testing equipment.

Those attending will be completing set up of blower door tents, setting a baseline and calibrating manometer and service gauges, and preparing written verification of air changes as required by the Florida Energy Code.

It is required that students complete our online Florida Blower Door Technician Prerequisite Course PRIOR to attending this hands-on workshop. An email will be sent with log-in instructions at the time of registration.

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Course Objectives & Hands On Exercises & Evaluations Include:

• Review of the Florida Code requirements for duct testing, air changes & air leakage
• Principles of blower door science, baseline & general analysis measurement
• Visual inspection principles and review of heat transfer and humidity
• Understanding air leakage; total vs. outside
• Diagnostics of pressure and measurement; setting up and using manometers
• Establishing baselines and accounting for pressure differentials
• Review of air balance and duct pressure; thermal and air barriers
• Review of approved software for sizing and code compliance
• Preparing equipment for blower door testing, setting up and calibrating gauges
• Setting up and using blower door equipment and manometer technology
• Preparing reports as required by code for air exchange verification